How In-Person Events Can Help You in Building Relationships


There are many benefits of attending in-person events. While networking online is also beneficial, in-person events are much more effective because you get to meet new people face to face. Rather than sticking with your friends and having long conversations, you should move around the room and network. This way, you can find new people who are interested in your company. By attending networking events, you can build strong relationships with other people.

Benefits of in-person events

Whether it’s a sales dinner, thought leadership seminar or client cocktail hour, in-person events can build relationships, generate leads and increase sales. But what can these events do for your business? These events can provide significant ROI, but there are many other types of in-person events to choose from. Listed below are some examples. If you’re planning an event, be sure to measure its results.

Benefits of virtual lounges

In building relationships, virtual lounges have a number of benefits. These spaces allow employees to socialize in an environment that doesn’t require travel. According to a recent INSEAD study of 500 professionals who work remotely, the most thriving teams regularly scheduled social events. While mandatory social gatherings may seem awkward at first, teams that don’t schedule social events report that they feel less connected to each other.

Benefits of Q&A sessions

The benefits of holding Q&A sessions at in-person events are numerous. Not only do they add value to internal events, but they also give people the chance to discuss ideas and concerns. Q&A sessions can also speed up the dialogue process and help build connections between the leadership team and everyone else in the company. The following are just a few of the many benefits of Q&A sessions.

Benefits of reuniting with your team

If your workplace has closed due to COVID, one of the best ways to keep your employees motivated is to host an in-person team building event. These events often involve a variety of activities and can be less structured than virtual team building activities. In-person events can range from an in-person concert to an in-person happy hour to a company milestone celebration. In-person team building events are especially valuable if your workplace is rebuilding after the disaster.

Benefits of authentic follow-up

Authentic follow-up after in-person events in India is crucial to building relationships. Without it, you may end up making a generic follow-up with no real intention of building a relationship. However, it is important to remember that the first contact at a conference can plant seeds for future relationship building. So, make sure you have an action plan to follow up with your new contact.

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